How To Watch Digital TV (DVB-T, DVB-T2, DVB-C, FM, DAB) and Radio On Your PC (Windows) With a Globemax USB TV Stick.

Case in point: A globemax DVB-T2 Tv stick (see the naked hardware tear-down for the panasonic MN88472 here ) and the (hardware tear-down for the MN88473 demodulator version here). There are two variants of the stick with the following components:

Key components:
Realtek RTL2832P USB interface
Panasonic MN88472/MN88473 Demodulator (2013 and 2014 variants respectively)
Rafael Micro R828D Tuner

sample pictures:

Instructions for windows OS:

See instructions for Linux here



Go to settings

Then to input source

select Digital TV and go back to scan


You can only view content from a free to air broadcaster. In Kenya it’s for channels from Signet, Pang, Bamba and ADN.



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