How To Watch Digital TV (DVB-T, DVB-T2, DVB-C, FM, DAB) and Radio On Your PC (Windows) With a Globemax USB TV Stick.

Macharia Muguku
3 min readFeb 17, 2018


Case in point: A globemax DVB-T2 Tv stick (see the naked hardware tear-down for the panasonic MN88472 here ) and the (hardware tear-down for the MN88473 demodulator version here). There are two variants of the stick with the following components:

Key components:
Realtek RTL2832P USB interface
Panasonic MN88472/MN88473 Demodulator (2013 and 2014 variants respectively)
Rafael Micro R828D Tuner

sample pictures:

Instructions for windows OS:

See instructions for Linux here



  1. Plug in the device to a USB 2.0 port or above.
  2. Install the device drivers first (with the device plugged in, this is important). in our case it is the (FSC DVBT2_Setup_141229.exe) drivers.
  3. After a successful installation of the drivers install the GUI application (In our case it’s the TVR_DVB-T-T2+FM+DAB-V4.6.4.exe app) with the device still plugged in and restart the PC.
  4. Start the TVR application (desktop shortcut or on the apps list).

Go to settings

Then to input source

select Digital TV and go back to scan

  1. It takes an awfully long time the first time. wait for it to complete and voila!
  2. Repeat the same for FM stations.
  3. Press on an FTA channel to view.
  4. Enjoy viewing, recording and scheduling live TV and Radio.


You can only view content from a free to air broadcaster. In Kenya it’s for channels from Signet, Pang, Bamba and ADN.



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