Set up your Next.js project with TypeScript, Tailwind, React Testing Library, Jest, Prettier, and ESlint.

human hand rising from the ocean
human hand rising from the ocean
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0. Nextjs Starter Templates Example’s Directory


npx create-next-app --example with-tailwindcss name-of-your-project
npx create-next-app…

Banner image with GraphQL Logo and written “GraphQL”

a). How to download/fetch/print schema.graphql from GraphQL endpoint?

npx get-graphql-schema > schema.graphql

b). How to generate GraphQL Queries, Mutations, and Subscriptions from GraphQL Schema?

npx gqlg --schemaFilePath schema.graphql --destDirPath ./queries-mutations_subscriptions --depthLimit 5

How to test react applications with jest and react testing library. Image courtesy of

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React, Apollo, GraphQL. Image courtesy of


What is GraphQL?

Containerization on the front-end with React and docker in development and production, and deployment of a React application with docker and nginx

Deploy react app with docker and nginx. Image rights


The Analogy:

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